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What’s hot? Thinner in an Instant (pot) Cookbook!

350 Calories…MAX! Not one, not one, of the healthy main course pressure cooker recipes in this book is more than 350 calories per serving! Think about it. That means you are able to keep your calories in check without having to constantly tally up!

The recipes in this cookbook range from a low of 200 calories per serving to 350 calories per serving. Now, that’s not just for a small serving of lean meat or a bowl of veggies…that’s meat and potatoes, one-dish meals, meatless entrees…etc. Get the idea? They never exceed 350 CALORIES…PERIOD!

Calories, if you don’t really pay attention, can escalate and escalate fast before you even realize what’s happening. It’s just so easy for the calories to pile up.  But who likes being told they can’t have something they want, I certainly don’t.

So I figure out ways to have it and have it “within the boundaries”. That’s MY job…to deliver great tasting recipes within “calorie” boundaries, ones that are fast, high in flavor, easy, and by the way, economical!

Are Electric Pressure Cookers Really That Great?

Electric pressure cookers can keep you from using the excuse “but everything’s frozen” or “I’m out of time”. Those excuses will pack in the calories when you call for delivery or go through a drive-thru, so rely on that cooker instead. For example, you can…

  • Start a recipe using frozen vegetables
  • Thaw AND cook frozen ground beef and turkey in a matter of minutes
  • Cook frozen solid-as-a-rock boneless, skinless chicken breasts in minutes that are t-e-n-d-e-r and juicy without any stringy, chewy, tough results! Seriously!
  • Cook a dish that normally takes hours in the hot oven or on a back burner that has to be monitored, in a fraction of the time.
  • Cook dried beans without soaking and serve them up in about 35 minutes…from dried to table.
  • Make quick “pressure cooker” croutons then hard-boiled eggs to include in a fresh green salad for a meatless entree.(With the definite promise of “easy-peel, zip off shells”, no more “wrestling” with the removal of eggshells this way!)
  • “Bake” potatoes in a fraction of the time that actually have the same flavor as they would when baked in a preheated HOT oven for over an hour!

That’s just a few examples to show that electric pressure cookers are really that great!!

Types of Recipes

Some are protein/vegetable combinations, some are protein with pasta or rice, while others are made to be served over veggie spirals, sauteed veggies, riced veggies as a base for your recipe. No matter what you choose, though, the calories are figured in never to exceed that 350-calorie cap!

There’s a wide variety of recipes from Mexican, Italian, Asian to Middle Eastern, Southern, and All-American.  They range from traditional beef stew to the popular ancient grain bowls!

The recipes in this book are designed to serve 4. I felt there was a definite need to go that direction with so many smaller households just starting out or downsizing a bit. I found that the majority of the electric pressure cooker cookbooks on the market are designed to serve more. There are some recipes in my book that serve more than 4, but only those that can freeze successfully so you can have them for another meal down the road…and they are tagged to let you know, as well.

Simple Ingredients, Short Directions

The electric pressure cooker is designed to make cooking fast, more convenient and help retain the nutritional benefits of your food which is great. But I went a step further and did NOT include long ingredient lists and complicated or laborious directions.

The ingredients in the recipes are all main stream and easily available. There are no special trips to special stores for…anything at all!

I’ve written the directions in a way that will make cooking with an electric pressure cooker less intimidating. I was overwhelmed at first (probably just like most of you), so I promised myself right then that I would keep that in mind when writing the directions. Keeping the recipes simple to follow and even simpler to prep!

Since I don’t have a clue what type of an electric pressure cooker you have, I’ve created healthy, low-calorie recipes to work in any standard electric pressure cooker. So whether you have the basic model or the “latest and greatest”, you can make these recipes with successful, delicious and healthy results!

I’m not taking you down the road and into every button on the pressure cooker, because each brand is a little different. But they all have a manual and a saute/browning button of one sort or another. Since I want to keep things s-i-m-p-l-e, that’s ALL I’m using throughout this book…the Manual button and the Saute/Browning button ONLY.

I’m keeping this simple for you, so you’ll be able to make these again and again, and after all, isn’t that what it’s all about? I always say, “If a recipe is difficult or time-consuming, you’ll make it once in a while, (maybe) BUT if it’s easy and fast, you’ll make it…and WANT to make it again and again…and THAT is what helps you to enjoy staying on a healthy track!!!



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