Food Photography and Styling

Nancy S. Hughes: Providing food styling, food photography, and food videography services for major food companies and food councils.

After we develop a group of recipes for a client, we will often continue to be involved in the preparation, styling and photography of the food for their cookbooks, magazine articles, print media campaigns, videos or websites.

KAO zucchini basil soup

Kao Health and Nutrition

  • Diabetic Recipe Development
  • 6-Month Menu Planning
  • Food and Prop Styling and Photography

Kao contracted us to develop 300 diabetic recipes, including nutritional analysis and a 6-month menu plan using our developed recipes and photography for each recipe. Their objective was to meet the needs of diabetics using one particular product in each recipe within a complete menu plan. Kao had a very tight deadline of 5 months and during that time we developed 600 concepts for Kao to choose from for the final 300 recipes. Once the recipe concepts were selected, we then developed each recipe, and provided food styling, prop styling and photography services for every recipe. We delivered the entire project on time.

National Processed Raspberry Council

  • Food Photography
  • Food Styling, Prop Styling
  • Food Product Spokesperson

The National Processed Raspberry Council hired us to develop recipes for their website as well as print media campaigns using frozen unsweetened raspberries. Once the recipes were developed and approved, we then provided nutritional analysis, food styling, prop styling and photography. Because of working with the Raspberry Council and their products over a period of time, Nancy was invited to be on a panel of experts at their annual Berry Symposium. Her role there was to inform the other panel members how to use frozen raspberries using a variety of cooking techniques with a fresh approach while discussing the health benefits and consumer convenience of frozen red raspberries.

Winter Squash w Sweet Raspberry-Onion Topping