Food Consultant

Nancy S. Hughes: A food consultant developing modern, healthy recipes for major food organizations across the USA and Canada.

Our food consulting projects are unique, so we carefully listen to the needs of the client and the consumer to address their individual needs and concerns. At times, the projects are under extremely tight deadlines and high pressure, but we pride ourselves in being able to achieve our clients’ goals, even under such circumstances. Our recent consulting projects have included:

  • New Concept Development
  • New Product Uses
  • Recipe Revisions

  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Recipe Editing
  • Recipe Testing

blue plate salad

Del Monte® Health and Wellness Marketing

  • New Recipes
  • Database Revisions
  • Food Photography

We immediately identified with Del Monte® Foods’ consumer message. Today’s canned goods are delicious, economical, and nutritious timesavers that help get a meal on the table fast. Over the years, we’ve developed new and lighter recipes for many old favorites that were made more relevant to today’s cooking and eating behaviors in terms of convenience, taste, and wholesomeness. The recipes address misperceptions around flavor, texture and nutrition of canned produce, proving that they can create delicious dishes. Del Monte® Foods’ projects often include recipe development, revisions, testing, and photography for various media including their website. Because of our strong working relationship with Del Monte® Foods, we have been able to provide on-trend product usage ideas.

The J.M. Smucker Company

  • Recipe Development for Pinterest
  • Food Styling and Food Prep
  • Family Friendly Recipes

Smucker’s projects involve incorporating their products into family friendly recipes, but also recipes that are ‘on trend’ and for Pinterest followers as well. Most recently, Nancy has developed recipes for Smucker’s to be used and circulated on Pinterest with a fresh, fast, and very innovative twist. Once the concepts were selected and approved, the recipes were developed with food photography in mind, taking into account color, texture and serving size for the Pinterest visitor. The recipes were then tested and retested in our kitchen. We provided Smucker’s with ‘quickshot’ photos of the actual prepared dishes along with recipes written in their preferred writing style. Please see Smucker’s Pairings on Pinterest for the creative details.

pear relish