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Nancy S. Hughes: A cookbook contributor to over 60 cookbooks with over 6000+ healthy recipes published.

In the over 25 years Nancy has been developing recipes for food companies, corporations, and major health organizations, many of those have been published in cookbooks and online. Nancy’s work is especially valued by cookbook editors because she consistently provides an easy-to-use format with easy-to-understand details that help make a recipe successful for the home cook.

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Weight Watchers

  • Cookbook Contributor
  • Healthy Recipes Developer
  • Low Calorie Recipes Developer

For over 9 years, Nancy and her team worked with Weight Watchers on 11 popular cookbooks. As a Weight Watchers cookbook contributor, Nancy provided what the consumer wanted and expected from that trusted and reliable name. For each cookbook, we developed and contributed family-friendly recipes that were easy and delicious but also within Weight Watchers’ dietary guidelines. We provided them with great tasting meals that were healthy and kitchen tested, with on-trend ingredients and cooking techniques, plus an abundance of shortcuts and informational sidebars. In addition, every recipe was organized and geared for the entire family.

Betty Crocker

  • Cookbook Contributor
  • Low-Fat Recipes Developer
  • Low-Cholesterol Recipes Developer

For Betty Crocker, Nancy developed over 100 recipes for The Low-Fat, Low-Cholesterol Cooking Today cookbook. In addition to the dietary restrictions, the recipes had to be family friendly and delicious, easy to prepare, and using easily obtainable ingredients and quick cooking techniques. Nancy developed 300 concepts, triple the concepts per recipe needed, for Betty Crocker to review. The selected recipes were then developed, kitchen tested, perfected and written in Betty Crocker’s preferred writing style, including cook’s tips and head notes. The book was so popular, it has been reprinted and updated since the original publication.

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