Public Relations Firms

Nancy S. Hughes: Developing healthy, on-trend recipes through advertising and public relations firms for their food company clients.

Public relations firms and advertising agencies contact us to develop healthy recipes for use in promoting the major food companies they represent. Recipes are used for packaging and media campaigns including websites, print advertising, e-newsletters, and social media.

PR Companies Pompeian

Pompeian, Inc.

  • Healthy Recipes
  • Food Photography
  • Product Driven Recipes

Pompeian is a food company that was founded in Baltimore in 1906 and produced America’s first national brand of imported extra virgin olive oil. Today their product lines also include a variety of healthy oils and oil blends plus specialty vinegars and cooking wines. Through their PR firm, they came to N.S. Hughes, Inc. for the development of healthy upscale recipes using their oils and specialty vinegars along with fresh ingredients that meet the needs of today’s health-conscious, busy consumers. One of Nancy’s recipes was featured in an advertisement for Pompeian in the New York Times. Another was a huge hit when it was prepared and served at the New York Food and Wine Festival.


Idaho Potato Commission

  • Recipe Development
  • Food Photography
  • Holiday Recipes

Idaho Potato Commission exists to promote the use of genuine Idaho potatoes to home cooks, foodservice, and retail customers. Evans Hardy + Young, Inc. approached Nancy to develop themed recipes for use in marketing materials for the Idaho Potato Commission. Over several projects we developed themed recipes for holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day. An example of Nancy’s creativity is shown in the photo for a Halloween dish we called ‘Nose Soup’. They liked Nancy’s creativity and came back for a variety of recipes for tailgating parties, holiday slow cookers, Super Bowl, and ethnic based dishes. Our recipes now appear on their website and brochures.

PR Co Idaho Nose Soup

PR Companies Avocado

Chilean Haas Avocado Association

  • Food Photography
  • Recipe Testing
  • Recipe Editing

We were hired by Chilean Haas Avocado Association’s advertising agency, Evans Hardy + Young, Inc. to test, critique, and photograph contest recipes. These were recipes chosen as finalists from their annual Culinary Student Recipe Contest, a contest designed to promote the use of avocados in restaurants by chefs. In this project, we reviewed hundreds of recipes submitted by culinary students from top cooking schools across the nation. All the finalist recipes were then edited for content, technique, cooking tips, and style and rewritten in the client’s standard format. We then photographed each recipe for publication.