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Nancy S. Hughes: Developing delicious, healthy and fast recipes, many included in featured articles for healthy lifestyle magazines.

Developing recipes for lifestyle magazines requires an extensive and current knowledge of consumer trends, modern eating habits, and up-to-date cooking techniques. In addition, many lifestyle magazines serve people with restricted diets, so the challenge becomes one of creating healthy, delicious, family friendly meals when one or more family members have strict limitations on what they are allowed to eat. With over 25 years experience of doing just that, we have met every challenge with enthusiasm and dedication to our clients’ objectives.

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Clean Eating Magazine

  • Healthy Recipes Development
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Gluten-Free Recipes

Nancy has written several featured articles in Clean Eating Magazine, which focuses on “improving your life, one meal at a time”. We’ve developed dozens of recipes for Clean Eating in categories such as 5 ingredient, seasonal meals, gluten-free recipes, Southern meals, 3 step recipes, $2.00 dinners, and slow cooker recipes, all of which meet the Clean Eating guidelines. For each recipe submitted, we also provided Clean Eating with ‘quickshot’ photos to aid in their selection for the magazine photographers. Each recipe includes nutritional information and sidebars with nutrition bonus information for the home cook.

Diabetic Living Magazine

  • Diabetic Recipes
  • Easy Recipes
  • Healthy Recipes

Diabetic Living magazine has an important mission: “To give people with diabetes and the people who love and care for them the information needed to make the best health decisions in their day-to-day diabetes care.” But beyond the need for healthy, diabetic-friendly recipes, diabetics also want to eat their meals along with other family members and enjoy occasional treats without disturbing their blood sugar levels. Some of the projects Nancy and her team have worked on for Diabetic Living magazine include six ingredient recipes, secret ingredient recipes, slow cooker meals, think-outside-the-box cake recipes, Mexican meals, winter recipes, and birthday cake recipes, all within the nutritional guidelines for people with diabetes.

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