Councils and Commissions

Nancy S. Hughes: Providing food councils and commissions with healthy recipes and helpful information to promote the sales of specific commodities.

Councils and commissions are charged by their members with enhancing the marketing and improving the sales of particular non-branded food ingredients such as raspberries, canola oil, rice, or pork. We have worked with many of these organizations, developing creative recipes for each client with individual needs and acting as a product spokesperson to help increase consumers’ use of their products.

Councils Comm National Pork Board

National Pork Board

  • Healthy Recipe Developer
  • Website Recipes
  • Nutritional Analysis

The National Pork Board contracted Nancy to develop fresh healthy recipes for use with medical and health professionals who promote healthy eating and weight loss to their clients. After Nancy provided recipe concepts, Pork Board staff members selected recipes and Nancy then provided the nutritional analysis and recipe for each approved concept. Healthy pork recipes appear on the National Pork Board website and in their Healthy Headlines e-newsletter with articles geared toward weight loss while maintaining lean muscle mass.

USA Rice Federation

  • National Food Contest Judge
  • Food Expert and Spokesperson
  • Nutritional Analysis

Since 2007, Nancy and her team have completed a variety of projects for USA Rice Federation, the global advocate for all segments of the U.S. rice industry. One of these projects included judging a national rice recipe contest in Houston, recipe testing and nutritional analysis for Facebook winning recipes, a performance testing project on rice cookers, and contributing editor to their newsletter. As their food expert, when the USA Rice Federation received a call or letter on a question they were unfamiliar with, such as substitutions in a particular recipe, cooking problems, freezing questions, reheating questions, etc., they referred the questions to Nancy, their ‘Ask the Expert’.

Councils and Comm Rice